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Restaurant Senator

What they say about the restaurant "Senator" our guests, looking for the first time? - "a surprisingly austere but comfortable," "comfortable," "aesthetically pleasing"... And we tend to believe them because the hotel is not only hosting services, but also comfort in everything, without exception.
The main restaurant menu a la carte European cuisine. With the guests ' wishes, we can prepare special menus. Depending on Your preferences and plans You can choose a variety of tariffs that combines services for accommodation and meals. So if You are staying in the hotel at the rate of "Breakfast+dinner", dinner is included in the price.

The quality and level of service in the restaurant "Senator" allow you to assign and carry it to business meetings at a variety of levels.

Due to the interior, the arrangement and the availability of additional equipment (musical, visual support) it is possible to organize and conduct a variety of activities: not only business, but also, of course, festive.

Banquet hall - average check for 1 guest 1800 rub.